UV protected Clear Polycarbonate Awning

UV protected Clear Polycarbonate Awning


Certification: ISO9001:2008,RoHS,SGS

Quality: 100% virgin GE Lexan material

Size: 600mm * 800mm 800mm * 1000mm 1000mm * 1200mm 1200mm * 1200mm 150mm * 1200mm

Thickness: pc solid sheet 3mm or Pc hollow sheet 6mm

Coated: UV protective




Wind resistance,Impact resistance,Anti-aging,Anti—UV

Self-clean by rainwater,Bended design for noise reduction,

UV filtration,80% light transmission.

  1. Sheet: PC/Polycarbonate solid sheet,PC/Polycarbonate hollow sheet

  2. Bracket: Engineering plastic

  3. connecting parts: Aluminium Profile

  4. Accessories: Expansion screw

  5. Bracket Length: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

  6. lnfinitely increase the awning supports and free to extend for assembling

The innovative Polindu awning completely departs from the traditional custom—made welded awnings.The Polindu awning is simple in its main structure,which is composed of PC sheet and the awning supports.Being moss—produced and conforming the rigid design standard Polindu awning is consistent in its super product quality.

Can resist (Category 12) typhoons safely

Wind resistance, Impact resistance, Anti—aging, Anti-corrosion, Self-clean by rainwater

The awning support is strong and endurable There is no obvious injury by 4.5 kilogram iron ball impact.The service life is 8-15 times as much as ordinary awnings,Being tested in bad weather conditions, the Polindu awning supports can be used more than 20 years

The current original awning textures are not good enough. It is dangerous by typhoons resistance. Cloth awning and plexiglass awning also can’t resist typhoons durably.But Polindu awning supports are made from advanced materials, so the Polindu awning supports can resist typhoons durably and reduce noise.

Polindu awning is do—it-yourself ready and can be installed easily by homeowners,which totally saves the cost and space.

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