How to identify the quality grade of Polycarbonate sheet?

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As a kind of construction material with high light transparence, perfect impact strength and outstanding weather-resistance performance, Polycarbonate sheet includes hollow, solid and corrugated type is more and more popular around the world. In recent years, along with more and more manufacturers enters this market, it is more competitive in Polycarbonate sheet market. Some of manufacturers produce poor quality polycarbonate sheet to compete with others, in this case, it is more difficult for buyer to identify the quality of Polycarbonate sheet.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Polycarbonate sheet with more than 30 years experience in China, Guangzhou YUEMEI Technology Materials Co., ltd is duty-bound to tell you 7 inspection ways of Polycarbonate sheets quality, hope they can help you to make a better choice while purchasing Polycarbonate sheet.


There are 6 aspects you can follow while identifying.

1. Price

While comparing quotations from different suppliers, if there is a large gap between two quotations for same specifications Polycarbonate sheet, then they must be in different quality, you can only get what you pay. Lowest price is attractive, but it can’t be the best quality.

2. Transparence

Clear Polycarbonate solid sheet made by 100% virgin raw material can reach more than 92% transparence. While you are looking through the sheets, there are no visible impurities or pockmark, the color is uniform and pure. However, if Polycarbonate sheet produced by recycled or mixing with virgin and recycled material, Polycarbonate sheet will appear yellowing or darkening.

3. PE protection film status

PE protection film can be attached firmly on Polycarbonate sheet surface without falling off, that indicates that the production equipment and technology of manufacturer is better, and the manufacturer has better quality control system.

4. Wall thickness and gravity

Some of Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers will produce hollow sheets with lower gravity than standard one, so that they can provide a better price. But you can notice that the thickness of the wall is much thinner than others in standard or over standard gravity. They can even do the same for solid sheet producing. That means the actual thickness of solid sheet they provide is thinner than what you need. So comparing by the unit gravity and wall thickness of the sheet, you can distinguish the quality of the sheet obviously, the higher of the unit gravity and wall thickness, the better of the quality.

5. Bending performance

Polycarbonate sheets produced by good quality virgin material can’t be easily broken while bending over and over again. They have outstanding bending strength especially for Polycarbonate solid sheet.

However, for poor quality Polycarbonate sheet which is produced by recycled or mixing with recycled material in percentage, sheets are very crisp and can even be broken by hands easily.

6. Flatness

You tear PE protection film to see Polycarbonate sheet's surface, if surface is flat and smooth enough without any potholes scratches or transverse or wavy line, then it is high quality Polycarbonate sheet. If not, it is poor quality.


With 6 methods above, we believe they can help you well to identify Polycarbonate sheet quality grade, and you will no longer be in trouble on Polycarbonate sheet choosing.

Guangzhou YUEMEI Technology Materials Co., ltd established in 1991, has been in Polycarbonate sheet market for more than 30 years, Polycarbonate sheet we provide include Polycarbonate hollow sheet, Polycarbonate solid sheet and Polycarbonate corrugated sheet. We are willing to serve clients with our high quality Polycarbonate sheet and good reputation.

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