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Twin wall polycarbonate sheet is a perfect roofing material; this is due to the numerous benefits it offers such as efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The twin wall polycarbonate sheets are known for their lightweight, high impact resistant, good light transmission, easy installation and excellent insulation properties.

This makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Key features of twin wall polycarbonate sheet:

(1)Light weight;

This is one key feature which is essential when it comes to construction.

In most cases, when the roofing material is very heavy, stronger construction materials will be required to construct both the walls and roof structure.

This will ultimately make the process more expensive. The fact that polycarbonates have a good balance of low weight and high impact resistance makes it easier to design light weight structures with a longer life span.

This saves on costs significantly. In fact, you may end up saving over 30% of the total costs with careful planning.

(2)Ease of installation;

The twin wall polycarbonate sheets are easy to install. They can be cut easily and be cold formed into a wide range of shapes without any pre-forming processes.

This reduces the amount of wastages since the sheet will not crack when it is being cut.

The good thing about this is that the total cost will reduce significantly. The pre-forming process and wastages can increase the costs significantly.

(3) Eco-friendly;

A number of polycarbonate products can be recycled hence, reducing the amount of waste in the environment.

(4)Impact resistance;

Like the light transmission property, after a given period of time, this can be tested to establish whether it is within the recommended values.

(5)UV protection;

Twin wall polycarbonate sheet has the functions of anti-ultraviolet, insulation, anti-drop.

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