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Fitting a polycarbonate roofing panel is one of the most challenging processes for most individuals. What are some of the recommended safety measures that one should take?

Most polycarbonate sheets meet the required safety standards and they are not as dangerous as glass panels. However, there’re certain precautions that one should consider which include:

For safe installation, you should use crawling boards, ladders and so on. You need to follow all the safety measures as recommended by the local safety regulations.

You should not leave the polycarbonate sheets unattended to on the structure unless they have been secured with recommended fasteners.

Never step on the panels which have been installed for the fear of falling. You should only step on the sturdy board with the ability to support your weight.

What are the installation considerations?

Assuming that you’ve observed all the safety measures, there are factors you need to consider before you begin the installation process. These considerations include:

Do you have all the polycarbonate sheets you require for the installation process in terms of both color and size? If you’d wish to install bronze polycarbonate panels, ensure that they’re of the same color.

You need to confirm whether you have all the necessary accessories which you’ll use during the installation process. The accessories should match the type of polycarbonate panels you’d wish to install. If the polycarbonates are supplied by Excelite Plastics then, be sure to purchase excelite accessories as well.

When you’re designing the slope of the structure, you need to consider the expected wind, snow or any other load which might be associated with various weather conditions.

You should refer to the building and construction codes within your region to be sure that you abide by the rules and regulations.

What should you do if the polycarbonate sheet supplier doesn’t supply the accessories as well?

In some cases, you might find the accessories you require are out of stock or the company does not manufacture the accessories you require. Fitting a polycarbonate roof is a sensitive process and any incompatibility issues may be catastrophic. The polycarbonate sheet supplier will always recommend the desired accessories; such as aluminum accessories, anti-dust, waterproof adhesive tape and polycarbonate H and U connector. You need to confirm whether the accessories you have opted for do meet the application requirements.

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