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A number of polycarbonate sheets wholesale dealers offer an array of products at incredible discounts.This is one of the main reasons why it is advisable to buy polycarbonate sheet/panels in bulk.

In fact, buying a complete kit could even be a better option.

Some of the most common polycarbonate sheets include:

Solid polycarbonate sheets

They are common products among most polycarbonate sheets wholesale suppliers. They possess all the desirable features of polycarbonate sheets such as lightweight, high impact resistance, UV radiation resistance and good optical properties. Like other PC products, the solid polycarbonate sheets can be thermoformed easily.

Hard-coated solid polycarbonate sheets are popular with buyers. They have a hard coating which makes them resistant to both abrasion and chemical attack.

Hollow polycarbonate sheets

These PC sheets include the twin-wall, multi-wall and the PC U/H connector. Apart from the superb polycarbonate sheets’ properties, these PC products are known for superb insulation capability. They are lighter than the solid polycarbonate sheets. Ideally, this has been one of the main reasons why these products are mostly used as roofing materials. A good example of a multi-wall polycarbonate sheets are the triple-wall PC sheets which offer better heat insulation than the twin-wall PC sheets.

The polycarbonate sheets u type connector and h type connector are essential equipment in the polycarbonate sheet installation process since it makes the process easier and faster.

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