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List all your requirements

You need to identify a specific task you would wish to perform or the objectives you would wish the polycarbonate panel should fulfill. There are very many PC panels which have been designed for specific purposes. Good examples are the multi-wall PC sheets are mainly used where insulation is essential.

Identify a supplier

Identify potential suppliers where you can buy polycarbonate sheets. Do not have a long list. Maybe you can sample about five suppliers. You need to contact them to find out what they have to offer. This should be based on your own research that you have done through various online directories including customer reviews. The supplier should be reliable, experienced, ISO certified, must have been authorized to sell the polycarbonate panels by the manufacturing company and portray a good customer relation. Your list should have those polycarbonate sheet suppliers whom you feel have actually responded to all your queries exhaustively.


Did you remember to evaluate the cost of the polycarbonate panels you would wish to buy? As you make the list of company you would wish to take for further scrutiny. List the company, the type of item you want and price. You should be comfortable with the price. If you buy polycarbonate sheets in bulk then, there are higher chances that the supplier/company will offer you some discount. And of course we can give you the discount.


You can ask a friend or an expert in this field who can assist you to evaluate the companies/suppliers you’ve short listed. This can be better if you could access the product data sheet. This will ensure that you make a reasonable and a trustworthy decision. After this stage, you should decide on where exactly you would wish to buy the PC panels.

Test, purchase & installation

Ensure the product have passed the quality assurance test. Before you make payments, they should be the exact polycarbonate sheets you requested for. The payment process must be secure. You should avoid using middlemen. If the supplier offers installation services; then you can opt for the service. The delivery system must be secure and reliable too.

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