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Polycarbonate sheets have become popular among gardeners, homeowners and investors due an array of advantages such as high heat resistance; anti-UV protection, high impact resistance; fire retardant and highlight transparency. Polycarbonates are mainly used in China by construction, decoration, advertisement industries and so on.

When you are choosing the best polycarbonate sheet in China, you should consider the following key factors:

Polycarbonate sheet suppliers; always opt for reputable and trustworthy suppliers who offer a warranty of between 10 and 15 years.

Extra protection; all polycarbonates sheets are treated to meet certain criteria. The most common types of treatment include UV light protection, condensation and anti-static protection.

Nature of the PC; there are quite a number of panels which have been manufactured to meet certain specifications such multi-wall or tinted polycarbonates.

Purpose/use; all polycarbonate sheets have been designed to serve specific purpose such as in the construction of greenhouses, skylights and roofs.

The best polycarbonate sheet in China features the following main products:

Colored polycarbonate sheets; these sheets come in different tints which determine the amount of light and heat energy entering a room. Such as a clear polycarbonate sheet allows more light to pass through than the blue polycarbonate sheets. They are available in different colors such as clear, yellow, red, bronze and green.

UV protection; polycarbonate sheets in China is protected against UV light which degrades the sheet and is also responsible for the yellow color which reduces their productivity and performance. Furthermore, some are also protected against condensation and weathering.

Insulation; the multi-wall polycarbonate sheets are commonly used during cold seasons or in applications where the cost of controlling temperature has to be controlled. These sheets have air in between the layers which offer better insulation properties. The degree of insulation is determined in terms of the R-value of the PC sheet. A higher level of R determines high degree of insulation, thus; the temperature may drop too low when it is cold. On the other hand, it may not rise too high during summer.

Price and applications; polycarbonate sheet from China can be used in virtually all applications; be it skylight or greenhouse construction. They are also cost effective as far as both the long-run and short-run costs are concerned.

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