How to Choose a Proper Flat Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

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PC solid sheet, also known as "safety glass", PC flat sheet, PC roofing sheet, is made of high-performance engineering plastics - Polycarbonate (PC). PC has the characteristics of impact resistance, easy bending, weather resistance, aging resistance, excellent lighting, etc., and can be applied in construction, advertising, decoration, industrial equipment and other fields. 

The general performance is so outstanding, how could we distinguish the quality? It can be identified from the following aspects:

Raw materials for production

First of all, from the perspective of production materials, it is necessary to select polycarbonate materials with appropriate sheet properties. At present, most of the PC solid board products on the market are used in outdoor buildings such as awning and sunlight room. The mechanical properties and UV resistance of polycarbonate raw materials are particularly important. The raw materials with UV resistance additives and a hot melt index ≤ 10 are most suitable for the outdoor PC board. Therefore, when we choose the PC solid board brand, we must not be greedy for a low price. We ought to select the boards made of domestic recycled materials. Because when the raw materials are recycled twice, the physical properties are hugely reduced, and thus the quality of the boards is quite poor.

Translucent effect

The quality of the PC solid board can be easily distinguished from the light transmission effect. It is the best choice to observe the plate against the light visually. For the great PC flat sheet, the light transmission is apparent, there is no fogging phenomenon, no visible impurities and pockmarks, the color is uniform and pure, and there is no yellowing or darkening.


How to distinguish the product quality of the PC solid board from appearance? First of all, we can see whether the upper and lower protective films are in good condition and easy to fall off; after confirming that, we can tear the protective films to see whether the surface is flat and smooth and whether there are scratches, potholes and unevenness; finally, we can observe whether there are small bubbles, transverse lines, wavy lines and other undesirable phenomena in the plate by tearing the protective films at a 45-degree angle. If the above points pass, the board is qualified.

UV level

After the appearance and raw materials are identified, let's take a look at the UV resistant processing technology in the processing technology. The UV layer of the PC solid board for outdoor use is very important. The UV resistance of the PC solid board determines the life of the board. We can observe through a professional UV microscope, and irradiate the pure UV light source at an angle of 45 ° to the side of the PC solid board. Under the microscope, the UV layer will reflect the UV light and display the dark blue color, and the quality of the UV layer of the board can be observed intuitively.

Other factors

Besides the product itself, we can also compare it with other elements. First of all, we can see the price of PC board products and the price of similar raw materials on the market. If the price is far from the cost of raw materials, maybe there is a problem with raw materials in this batch of PC board products, such as doping recycled materials.

After looking at the price, we can also look at the brands and manufacturers.Generally speaking, the products of the old brands and manufacturers are relatively stable, and the quality is excellent. The new big brands use imported machines and raw materials, and quality is also competitive. Besides, we can also see the product inspection report and report update time provided by the manufacturer. Generally, regular manufacturers of the same type of products will send them to the third party for inspection daily, which has high safety and reliability.

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