The major factors for long service life of Polycarbonate sheet

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Polycarbonate sheet, as know as PC sheet, it is a kind of plastic construction material which is widely used in roofing, partition, decoration, etc. For Polycarbonate sheet final users, they are more concerned with service life of the sheets. Then what are the major factors depend the service life time of polycarbonate sheet?


1.       Polycarbonate Material


The primary factor is material. Polycarbonate sheet is produce by 100% polycarbonate resin looks as above picture, but there are virgin grade and recycled grade for Polycarbonate resin. Polycarbonate sheet made by 100% virgin material is the best, quality is stable and durable, can be used for more than 10 years or even longer. But if produced by recycled material, polycarbonate sheet is easily broken and yellowed.

On the past years while Polycarbonate virgin resin’s price at a very high rate, some of manufacturers would mix recycled material with virgin type to keep a competitive price. But the more recycled material is added, the worse quality will be. Some manufacturers even mix with other cheaper plastic material but not Polycarbonate. For this type of “Polycarbonate” sheets, service life is limited, can be used for only 2 years or even shorter.

2.       UV Protection Coating


UV protection material is a kind of special Polycarbonate material, it is coating on the surface of the Polycarbonate sheet when producing, in this case, can protect the polycarbonate sheet from the damage of sunlight especially the ultraviolet rays. With the protection of UV coating, Polycarbonate sheet can get better whether resistance and will not be fade easily even under the strong sunlight. This is one of the important reasons to keep Polycarbonate sheet a longer service life.

The standard thickness for UV coating on the market is 50um, this thickness can guarantee Polycarbonate sheet can be use for more than 10 years. So for outside application, we will suggest client to choose Polycarbonate sheet with 50um UV coating on surface, so that the sheets will not be color fading and get crispy.

As a professional manufacturer of Polycarbonate sheet for more than 25 years, we, Guangzhou Yuemei Technology Materials Co., ltd, has been trying to provide the best quality Polycarbonate sheet to our clients. We insist to use 100% virgin material (Sabic or Bayer, the best two types of virgin Polycarbonate material) without any recycled or mixing other plastic material, all of our YUEMEI Polycarbonate sheet will coat 50um UV protection material. Since YUEMEI established, we believe quality is the basic of a long term business relationship.


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