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YUEMEI polycarbonate embossed sheet is a branch of polycarbonate solid sheet. It applies to indoor installation, indoor partition, advertising industry and mechanical manufacturing industry because of special embossed appearance of prism or frosted glass.

Lines on the surface of polycarbonate embossed sheet increase the shelter, at the same time to reflect direct rays of light on the sheet, scattered reflected light, so light become to soft and effectively reducing light pollution. It also has beautiful shape, kinds of color,surface scratch, for a variety of designs.

Features of YUEMEI polycarbonate embossed sheet:
Lightweight, UV protection, Simply installed, Impact resistance, High light transmission and various colors.

Classification of PC embossed sheet:
PC diamond embossed sheet, PC small embossed sheet, PC double sides embossed sheet, PC prismatic sheet, thickness, size, and color can be customized.

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