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Good roofing materials should reduce the roofing cost in all aspects. That is, the initial installation costs and the subsequent repair and maintenance cost. For this reason, polycarbonate corrugated sheet as a perfect choice for their roofs.
YUEMEI polycarbonate corrugated sheet products guarantee quite a number of benefits, such as:
Impact resistance; It is the most popular use for indoor and outdoor applications
Easier installation process; This polycarbonate sheet can cover a larger area,you do not need to change the initial structure your design; It can fir on the existing structures.
Easy transportation; this sheet can occupy a small amount of space making transportation easier and cheaper.
Light transmission: The transmittance is 88%-92%. The UV coating sheet in the sun exposure will not become yellowing, atomization, poor light transmission.
Environmental protection: this sheet is odorless, non-toxic and no radiation. There is no toxic substances exists in the process of production and usage. The sheets are recyclable. They are the new type of the modern green building materials.
Portability: Under the same thickness and size, PC corrugated sheet is only half the weight of glass, so you can save a lot of difficulty with handling freight and construction.
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