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Clear polycarbonate corrugated sheets have a professional look and they are easy to handle and install. Polycarbonate (PC) sheets have UV protective layers which prolong their service life.

A polycarbonate is one of the most common type of thermoplastic material which is used for both commercial and residential roofing.

This has been due to its ability to withstand high impact, resist the ever fluctuating temperatures, be thermoformed easily and the light weight. These are very essential properties when you are choosing a roofing material. For instance, since polycarbonates have a light weight, there will be no need to use very strong material to reinforce the walls and the roofing structure. This will reduce the construction costs significantly.

The good thing about polycarbonate sheets is that they can be modified easily and cheaply to get quite a number of roofing designs.

They have their unique advantages and disadvantages:

Generally, polycarbonate roofing materials are available in quite a number of shades. Some of these shades include white, smoky grey and white. In most cases, the clear polycarbonate corrugated sheets are mainly used in greenhouses, sun rooms, solariums and skylights. Basically, they are used in places where the natural light from the sun is needed. Clearly, these are some of the most common applications where either glass or acrylic could be used.

Although PC sheets are vulnerable to UV from the sun, the modern roofing sheets have a protective film layer which protects them from the ultra-violet rays. Companies which manufacture the clear polycarbonate corrugated sheets are constantly improving on their products to make them cost effective and more efficient.

Lately, a number of polycarbonate sheets which are available in the market have aerogel insulation.

This gel acts a thermal insulator thereby complementing the inherent thermal insulation property of polycarbonate resin. This gel helps to eliminate the scorching heat from the sun. These modern roofing materials help to keep the temperature of the room constant, there is no heat gain or loss thereby saving on energy costs.

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