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What Is Polycarbonate Sheeting


Polycarbonate sheeting is a type of building material used to replace glass in a variety of applications. Polycarbonate sheeting are made of the imported raw materials, With UV coating, it typically offers greater flexibility and shatter-resistance than acrylics or plexiglass.


One of the primary advantages to this type of sheeting is its high strength to weight ratio. Compared to glass, polycarbonate sheeting is very light, but also highly resistant to shattering and damage. This shatter resistance makes this material much safer than glass, which could lead to injuries if broken. Polycarbonate sheeting also acts as a sound barrier, and may help control UV-light infiltration. It also offers a high degree of flexibility, making it easy to form each sheet into the desired shape.

Compared to some other composite plastic sheeting products, polycarbonate sheeting tends to be fairly expensive. It may also be susceptible to damage or failure if exposed to high temperatures. Like other plastic sheet goods, polycarbonate sheeting may suffer surface scratches due to a variety of factors. These scratches can be removed using special polishes or cleaning products, though some may be permanent. Over time, excess scratching can cause the surface to appear dull, and may reduce visibility and light transmittance.

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