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YUEMEI hollow polycarbonate sheet uses the imported polycarbonate raw material. On the sheet surface distributed with high concentrations of UV co-extruded UV protection layer uniformly, it can completely prevent the sheet damage from UV and prolong the life of the sheet.


Features of YUEMEI hollow polycarbonate sheet:

1) Light transmission: up to 85%

2) Impact resistance: 80 times that of glass, 15 times that of acrylic sheeting

3) Temperature resistance range: -40 – +120°C

4)  Quality:100% virgin Bayer material, 50 micron UV layer,10 years warranty, approved by ISO9001: 2008,delivery time 7-10 days

5) Never yellowing


Product Application:

(1) Roofing light sheet and sunshade for office building, department store, hotel, stadium, school, and amusement center, hospital, ect.
(2) Skylight, lighting for corridors, balcony, passages and subway entries, walkways.
(3) Do-It-Yourself (DIY), awning, canopy.
(4) Advertising lamp boxes, sign board.
(6) Anti-riot shield, bullet resistant material, Bank ATMs.
(7) Conservatories, agricultural greenhouses, zoos, botanical gardens.
(8) Industrial Roofing and Glazing


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