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YUEMEI PC solid sheet has another name called “safety glass”, with the high shock strength and good transparency, it saves time and labor. It is widely used in business building, home decoration, municipal construction, etc.


PC solid sheet structure classification: PC solid sheet, PC embossed sheet, PC abrasive sheet,

Light diffusing PC sheet, Bulletproof PC sheet.

Technical data:

Characteristics Unit Data of PC Twin-wall Hollow Sheet
Light transmission % 40  ~  82
Impact strength J/m 2.1  ~  2.3
Coefficient of thermal expansion mm/m .℃ 0.065
Heat conductivity W/m2 .℃ 3.0 ~ 3.9
Service temperature -40℃~+120℃
Tensile strength n/mm2 ≥60
Bending strength n/mm2 100
Bending elastic modulus mpa 2400
Tensile stress at break mpa ≥65
Elongation at break % ≥100
Sound insulation effect db 20 decibel decrease for 10mm thick sheet

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