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A polycarbonate roof will provide differing degrees of heat transmission, and varying levels of light and colour.
From our range of Sun polycarbonate roofing you can select Suntuf Standard, we also offer the premium Suntuf Sunlite multi wall polycarbonate sheet system for a sleek finish to your structure. All of our polycarbonate roof sheets are available in a full range of lengths and colours.
We find that polycarbonate roofing is especially good as a covering for most pergolas. It’s lightweight, allows a great amount of diffused light into structures and doesn’t take on or radiate heat on the hottest days of summer. It’s also great as a skylight in a structure that’s covered with a darker steel roof.
Polycarbonate roofing is also great value, long lasting and exceptionally strong. So it is widely used for more applications.

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