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Polycatbonate compact sheet has another name called “safety glass”.As its sound insulation is very well,pc compact is always used for flyover road acoustic barrier.

With the development of the city,more and more viaducts are built.Government will use the polycarboante compact sheet to be protction and sound insulation.If without acoustic barrier, Life of Nearby residents will be influenced.

YUEMEI PC compact sheet has good sound insulation.In the same thinkness condition,it has better sound insulation than PMMA and glass,polycarbonate sheet PC sheet increase 3-4 dB sound insulation than glass. Internationally polycarbonate compact sheet is Preferred material for acoustic barrier.YUEMEI 6mm pc solid sheet can reduce 35 db noise and 3mm polycarbonate embossed sheet can reduce 28 dB noise.

Of course,YUEMEI polycarbonate solid sheet also can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration etc.

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