1.How should I store packed sheets?

Store in a protected, shaded, ventilated site, with no direct exposure to sunlight and winds.
In outdoor temporary storage cover with opaque protective film, and avoid PVC films and heat-absorbing materials.
Please note: Surface protective films that cover sheets are highly sensitive to heat and direct sunlight. Excessive heat and direct sunlight before taking off the film can cause gluing of that film to the sheet surface, after which it will not be practically possible to remove it from the sheet!

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2.Can the sheets be curved?

Yes. Sheets can be cold-curved and serve in arched shapes, provided the relevant yuemei specifications for minimum radius in cold curving are followed. These specifications can be found in the Installation Instructions of the relevant sheets.
Solid sheets can be cold-curved in any direction.
Multi-wall sheets can be arched so that the actual ribs will be curved (lengthwise).
Curving is not recommended across the ribs direction.

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3.Can these sheets catch fire?

Yes. In principle all plastic materials are flammable, and will catch fire in presence of exterior flame.
The ignition temperature of polycarbonate sheets is 490ºC (915ºF), and PVC sheets 391ºC (736ºF).
Both materials are self extinguishing, and fire will decay when the exterior flame source is removed.
Compared to PC and PVC, acrylic sheets are more flammable.

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4.What should I use to clean my panels?

Warm water with a mild household detergent should be sufficient to clean panels. Wipe off any remained dirt with a soft cloth and wash again. NEVER use a solvent based cleaner (ammonia, etc.). AVOID using sponges or brushes that can scratch the panels surface.

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5.How to distinguish the quality of sheet?

If the sheets are clear, you can see the transparency. The more transparency,the better of the quality for sheets. For other color sheet, you can check if there are any air bubble on the surface.

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6.Comparing with ABS,PMMA,Glass, what is the advantage of PC sheet?

The Bending strength of ABS sheet is weak, The Mechanical properties are greatly affected by temperature, with Poor weatherability.. Under the action of ultraviolet light, it can be degradation. Additionally, it can be burning with fire.

For PMMA, The life expectancy can be maximum 5 years when using outdoor. The heat distortion will be 100 centigrades, with poor impact-resistance.

For the Glass, the weight is heavy, it will be as much as 12 time for the same thickness of PC solid sheet.

For PC solid sheet, it has high impact-resistance and good weather resistance. The weight only can be 1/12 as Glass.

The life expectancy can be as much as 10 years, depending on professional installation practice and environmental factors like air pollution, winds and rain.

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7.Are there any big customer in oversea market in your company?

YES, Our big customers are TRIDOME JARDINERIE Building supermarket in France, Joyful Building supermarket in Japan…….

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8.Can do customer's color and size?

Yes, special colors and specifications can be customized.

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9.What's the projects you ever done?

We have just finish the Aiport roofing at Ecuador Airport with 8mm PC honeycomb sheets.

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10.Could supply all the accessories for installation?

Yes,we have all kind of accessories made by pc and aluminum for polycarbonate installation.

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