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Guangzhou Yuemei Plastic Industrial co.,ltd,the main Chinese polycarbonate sheet supplier.

This company has been in the polycarbonate sheet manufacturing industry for over a decade. All these years, the company has been working on improving the quality of these products.

These sheets are manufactured from the finest raw materials. This has been the main reason why Yuemei offers over 10 year’s warranty.

Expert recommends polycarbonate sheets because they are 200 times stronger than glass. They can resist the highest degree of impact force.

YUEMEI polycarbonate sheet advantages:

  1. Excellent light transmission
    2. High impact strength
    3. Light weight and High Environment
    4. Good Flame resistant
    5. Ultraviolet resistance
    6. Weather resistant
    7. Good Sound insulation
    8. Ten Years Guarantee
    9, Saving Energy
    10. Simply Processed and Installed

Any questions,welcome contact us to support team .

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