Subway integrated building garage entrance canopy project

Subway integrated building garage entrance canopy project

“Yue Mei” PC polycarbonate sheet application:
Industrial buildings: industrial plants, warehouses, roof lighting.
Agricultural facilities: modern agriculture greenhouses, modern farms, green ecological restaurants, flower beds.
Municipal construction: lighting corridor, carport, shelter, waiting room, newsstand, road noise screen, station, flyover
Sports halls: sports halls, open-air swimming pool, open-air stadium roof.
Commercial applications: architectural decoration, stage design, exhibition layout, road signs, product display card, advertising light box.
Home decoration: indoor and outdoor decoration, private residential lighting, indoor ceiling, indoor partitions, bathroom partitions, interior doors and windows, sun room, rain shelter, shade.
Security facilities: prison, bank anti-theft counters, jewelry store anti-theft window, museum security, police riot shield, industrial machinery shell.

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Product Name: Yuemei lake blue solid polycarbonate sheet
Location: Huadu, Guangzhou
Thickness: 7mm
Quantity: 80m²
Telephone: +86-20-83887367

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