Nanyang wholesale market hollow sheet awning

Nanyang wholesale market hollow sheet awning

Hand with yuemei pc hollow sheet, just to give you the best

Guangzhou yuemei production of “yuemei” 6mm clear pc hollow sheet into a heyday of the hot period,the order batch after batch to the factory overtime production is still a bit in short supply, which makes all of yuemei staff feel Excitement and comfort, customers full of praise for our pc hollow sheet!

“Yuemei” pc hollow sheet of popular reason

Yuemei pc hollow sheet will be welcomed by users around the world, because of our ultimate pursuit of quality, no matter what kind of
hollow sheet you need, the number of more or less, Yuemei are holding 200% of working hard.
To each process for customers and production, in order to ensure high-quality, excellent quality, so that all customers buy a happy.




Product Name: clear pc hollow sheet
Location: Henan, China
Thickness: 6mm
Quantity: 544m²
Sizes: 2.1m*6m
Telephone: +86-20-83887367

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