Clear PC corrugated sheet


Clear PC corrugated sheet 



Polycarbonate (PC) corrugated sheet uses the polycarbonate engineering plastics as the main raw material, and adding anti-UV agent and other chemical additives, made by the most advanced technology and equipment.


Light and high environmental

High impact strength

Good weather resistance and UV protection

High light-transmission

Excellent heat insulation capability

High strength

Simply processed and installed

Saving energy

Good flame resistance

Ten years guarantee



Length: Regular length is 6 m, can be customized according to customer requirements;

Color: Standard colors are transparent, opal, lake blue, green, can be customized according to customer requirements;

Thickness: 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm

Plate type: (should be added according to our products)




1. The botanical garden, agricultural greenhouse and Indoor fish farming shed;

2. Skylight, kiln, the circular arch roof and commercial roofing;

3. Modern railway station, airport and other waiting area and ceiling;

4. Modern bus station, ferry terminal and other public facilities covering;

5. Factory, warehouse,shopping center and so on.

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