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1.PC sheet should be stored and protected against atmospheric influences like sun, rain, etc. Be careful when handling sheet and keep carriage clean and clear. Pack four corners of PC sheet with paper or cloth to avoid scratches and damages to sheet edges and PE films. PC sheet should be placed on paper during transportation to avoid scratches of sheet surface.
2.Sealing tape on the sheet edge is just used to protect it during transportation and storage, neither used to prevent leaking nor to install. It should be changed into appropriative tape before installation. Such tape should be of good weather-resistance and can maintain its adherence and mechanical strength during long time, maintain its weather resistance and durability during installation and move.
3.Don’t put the heavy goods onto the sheets, nor let the sharp thing touch the sheet; The rolled sheet should be unloaded by machine, or should carefully unload sheets with car diving board. Additionally, PC sheet should not be exposed outside to storage, should be stored shady, cool and full-air place.
4.The cumulated sheet can’t contact with the cement directly. The sheets can’t touch the abrasive things and highly alkaline cleaner. Such as soda, soda salt, amine, aldehyde, ester, ether, carbino I and so on. the paint of the steel should not get in touch with the sheet directly.

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