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When carry and transport the pc sheet, Must be careful, in case of scratch or damage the edge of sheet. Therefore, in order to reduce damage, all the sheets should be packaged, transported, stored according to the following methods.

1.Don’t scratch the surface, damage the edge of sheet, prohibit crashing, can’t be delivered with chemistry goods.
2.The min curving radius should be 175 times for the thickness of pc hollow sheet. A few sheet can be rolled when delivery, but advise to deliver sheet in pieces. (The bottom of car should be smooth).
3.The min curving radius should be 100 times for the thickness of pc solid sheet with less 3mm thickness . And it should be 175 times for the above 3mm pc solid sheet.
4.Both sides of sheet surface are covered with PE film. The UV protected side should face outwards. To avoid scratching sheet surface do not remove PE film until installation finished.
5.It will be difficult to remove PE film if store pc sheet in place where temperature exceeds 60℃.

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