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New polycarbonate material is used in the“YUE MEI” hollow sheet, the plate surface has a high concentration of UV ultraviolet prevention function,that can completely block UV damage and prolong the life of the sheet, and the promise decades of quality assurance. “YUE MEI”Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet and the full range of PC accessories, on-demand customized to meet customer needs.

“YUE MEI” Polycarbonate Sheet Supplier Feature:

Light and high environmental, high impact strength,good weather resistance and UV protection, high light-transmission, excellent heat insulation capability,  high strength, simply  processed and installed,  saving energy,  good flame resistance,  ten years guarantee.

Polycarbonate Sheet Supplier Applications:

Demand municipal building, home decoration and commercial applications, etc., sheet resistance, impact resistance, light weight and installation, anti-aging, anti-UV, green, attractive appearance, easy processing.

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