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A product warranty is a clear indication that the company trusts its products to be of high quality which can remain intact for more than the agreed period of time. Polycarbonate corrugated sheets are known for their strength, optical clarity, resistance to a wide range of chemicals and light weight. There are key issues which are worth considering when you are scrutinizing the performance warranty of any product.

The UV rays degrade the unprotected polycarbonate panels, furthermore; these sheets are vulnerable to scratches and this is the main reason why they are coated with a hard coating or anti-abrasion coating. In addition to these, polycarbonates go through a series of treatments with an attempt of improving various inherent properties of the final product. During the production process, all these products are tested to ensure that they meet the desired criteria.

Most of these products have a performance warranty of not less than 10 years. This implies that the anti-static, anti-abrasion or the UV protection layer will remain in good condition for more than 10 years. Obviously, you need to follow the installation guideline as stipulated in the product catalogue. They can increase the service life of the polycarbonate corrugated sheet.

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