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Do you know why your polycarbonate sheet becomes yellow? And how long it will keep their color?

We will tell you details below:

The Polycarbonate manufacturers equip their products for outdoor use with an ultraviolet protective coating.

This ensures that the polycarbonate sheet has a long lifetime without losing any of its essential chemical and mechanical properties.

The yellowing of a PC sheet is an important issues that both the consumer and the manufacturer must be worried about.

The slightest mistakes which may occur during the manufacturing and the installation process may affect the overall lifespan of the polycarbonate sheet.

A polycarbonate sheet yellowing warranty varies among manufacturers. This is because there are different grades of polycarbonate UV coating.

This implies that, the high performance coating may have a warranty period of more than ten years while other may have just a three year warranty, And YUEMEI polycarbonate sheet manufacturer have 10 years warranty.

When a polycarbonate begins to turn yellow, these sheets tend to lose their integrity.

The PC’s color (yellow) reflects the amount of strength the polycarbonate molecules have lost when they were exposed to the ultraviolet radiation.

It is a visual symptom with the invisible symptoms being the loss in mechanical strength.

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