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The basic of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet:

Methods of distinguishing good between bad Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet is shown below:

1.transparency, transmittanceof best polycarbonate hollow sheet is about 90%, the lower the transparency of its recycled materials to add more solar panels inferior color black.
2 .plates. No impurities and no particulate matter is a new sheet materials, contrary impurities foreign matter is added recycled materials, recycled materials to add more obvious the more impurities sheet quality worse.

3 .thickness, the thicker, more adequate use of materials, the higher the proportion of the cost will be high, plate quality is better.

4 .Good material prices high. Same specifications of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet, solar panels price gap between different brands too, the price is too low, generally inferior quality, the use of inferior materials.

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