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Guangzhou International Lighting Festival of Lights is the theme of urban and rural annual event, to show changes in the Guangzhou Economic and cultural themes through nine. Festival of Lights display lights use high quality material polycarbonate light diffusion sheet, with the theme of this year’s Festival of Lights to light for the media, across different areas, different industries show Lingnan culture, depicting polycarbonate light diffusion sheet LED lights for bright Festival of Lights adds pastel colors.

polycarbonate light diffusion sheet feature:

  1. Heat insulation and keep warm
  2. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, aging resistance
  3. High strength and stiffness
  4. Hard-combustible of B1 material, self-extinguishing without fire
  5. Light and high environmental, difficult to break
  6. Saving energy
  7. Ten years guarantee
  8. More durable

Guangzhou YUEMEI Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet, and our polycarbonate light diffusion sheet can be customized according to the customer.

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