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Some of the most commonly used PC panels include the hollow, solid, corrugated and embossed polycarbonate sheets. They have their unique qualities which meet the criteria for general purpose applications. Normally, such panels should offer superior impact resistance, UV protection, abrasion resistance etc. The hollow polycarbonate sheets consist of the twin wall and the multi wall polycarbonate sheets. They are popularly known for their superior insulation properties. So they are widely used for industrial material, natatorium swimming pools, roofing etc.

Another common polycarbonate solid sheet, they possess all the inherent befits of PC panels alongside additional benefits such as easy installation and cleaning; versatility, graffiti resistance, good visual effect for a number of LED covers etc. The most common products under this category include light diffuser sheets which can change the light propagation; since they are virtually unbreakable, have high impact resistance and better optical clarity.

Unbreakable polycarbonate solid panels have been professionally designed to meet the ever increasing and dynamic application demands.
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