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YUEMEI Anti-fog polycarbonate sheet uses the imported polycarbonate raw material. There is a special treatment anti-drop coating in the top of interior, to prevent condensation and dripping of water droplets. If the water drops fall into the Interior directly, it will damage sensitive goods and equipment, increased the interior incidence of pests and diseases, and reduces plant output. It’s the preferred material for modern greenhouse, eco-restaurant.

Feature of YUEMEI Anti-fog polycarbonate sheet:
1. YUEMEI PC anti-drop hollow sheet uses the advanced UV resistant co-extrusion outer layer, to make sure the transparency and mechanical properties of the sheet. It’s suitable for the extreme bad climatic conditions.
2. Reduce the diseases and other damages brought by the water drop.
3. The anti-drop layer with antistatic properties, is easy to wash away the absorbed dust on the sheet surface.
4. The less formation of water droplets, the better transmission of light.
5. Keep durable usage of greenhouse.

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